Foaling/Broodmare Management

Foaling and broodmare management is our specialty.  Mares that are categorized to be a high risk are frequently sent to us due to our foaling knowledge and expertise as well as guaranteed monitoring.  We are fortunate to have an emergency care facility within 15 minutes of the farm.  Anoka Equine Veterinary Services is fully equipped to handle any emergency situation.

Working in conjunction with the reproductive staff at Anoka Equine, we offer A.I. (cooled and frozen) and embryo transfer services.

Unique Solar Foaling Barn

With the first solar foaling barn in Minnesota, Wind-N-Wood Farm has incorporated its own approach to horse care. First and foremost, the facility provides an ideal environment for early foals during typical sub-zero Minnesota winter weather. The greenhouse-like solar design provides a natural environment within the barn. True-to-life lighting and heating cycles eliminate drastic temperature changes and stimulate the natural daily body cycle. Because it is designed to maintain ambient humidity, the facility reduces the chance of respiratory ailments and infections.

The foaling barn has large, safe foaling stalls constructed with non-porous fiberglass surfaces which are disinfected before and after each foaling. Overhead radiant heaters assure that during the first critical hours after birth, the foal maintains a safe body temperature and quickly dries it’s coat.

Audio/Visual Monitoring

Round-the-clock coverage is provided by a dual monitoring system that uses both sound and video systems to keep watch over the entire foaling barn. Because the system is non-intrusive, it allows a more relaxed, private atmosphere for the mares without sacrificing reaction time should an emergency arise.  Our monitoring system allows us to view as few or as many stalls as needed at the same time.  We can also view the foaling barn remotely if needed.

Birth Alert

We use a high tech monitoring system that begins with the Birth Alert System. A micro computer in a sponge tampon is inserted in the vaginal canal of each mare when they are close to foaling. As the mare goes into labor, the micro computer is expelled and the drop in temperature activates either an alert in the barn, a beeper that is with us at all times, or contacts us by phone.

Breeder Alert

As a back-up system, we use the Breeder Alert System. This consists of a transmitter on the mare’s halter which activates a beeper when the mare lies down flat (as she would while foaling).