Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Wind N Wood Farm provides equine rehabilitation for any level of care your horse may need, whether it just requires stall rest or extensive post surgical care. We work closely with Anoka Equine on post surgical care and rehabilitation.  Each situation is evaluated and a plan for their care is put into place. Extensive monitoring is very important to ensure a positive outcome.  Below are our most recent surgical candidates who are currently in our care.


Mulan, owned by Deb Provence, joined us after a devastating injury on her hind leg.  The bone was exposed but fortunately there was no damage to the tendons or ligaments.  She had been under the care of Anoka Equine who decided the best thing to do was to put a cast on her leg.  The cast was removed after six weeks, however, she still needed to be stall confined and the leg required wrapping every 3-4 days.  After six months, her wound is about 95% healed.  She is turned out daily and is doing excellent.

Mulan Mulan Mulan
Mulan Mulan Mulan


Magnum, owned by Ann Josten had an unfortunate trailer accident and lacerated his front leg tearing the tendons and ligaments.  Surgery was performed at Anoka Equine to suture the torn tendons and ligaments. He was also put in a cast.  Stem cell therapy was done on him and he is back in the show ring in less than a year.

 Two Bits

Two Bits came to us from Anoka Equine after a major laceration to his foot.  Surgery was performed by Dr. Kevin Voller and spent the next several weeks here at Wind N Wood Farm.  Attached are photos of his progress.

Chocolate Chip Kisses

Chocolate Chip Kisses, owned by Lauren Demchuk,  joined us in the summer of 2012 with a huge swollen mass on the side of his neck.  It was so painful for him, he could hardly move his neck to eat.      Not knowing where it came from or why he got it, Anoka Equine lanced it open to drain.  Our job was to flush and medicate the wound every day and administer the many different medications to fight the infection.  This treatment took several weeks and he subsequently had to miss the rest of the show season.  In June 2013, Lauren and Chocolate Chip Kisses attended the Pinto World Show in Tulsa, OK and came home with 20 World Championship Silver Belt Buckles and a custom Dale Chevez saddle for high point all around pony.  What a year to remember for Lauren and her pony, Choco.  We are proud of them and are happy we could help with his recovery.